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Test Prep

The SAT is too important of a test to try to prepare on your own. In today's highly competitive environment, it is essential to have the services of an expert tutor. It's not unusual for our students to increase their scores 200-300 points, and several have achieved a perfect score on either the critical reading or math sections of the SAT.

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Academic Coaching

Our unique tutoring methods, a result of twenty-five years of teaching experience, tailored to each student’s individual needs produce immediate and very often overnight results in test grades. Student’s now see “A’s” on their tests and teachers notice a marked improvement in classroom participation.

Admission Coaching

Applying to college is like preparing for a marathon. It involves a lot of preparation. The vast majority of students think that the admission process begins as a high school junior or senior, but, in reality , you should begin to lay the foundation for a successful admission campaign in your freshman year. That's when you begin to "package" yourself to succeed.



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