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The College Board now offers a suite of tests for the college bound student. In addition to the SAT and PSAT that have been offered for years, they now offer two new tests: the PSAT 8/9 and the PSAT 10.Think of these new tests as roadmaps that show a student's   strengths and weaknesses. Most students will use the PSAT as a practice test for the SAT, but if a student is serious about getting a score high enough to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship the PSAT 8/9 and the PSAT 10 are essential tools to accomplish that goal.




The SAT is too important of a test to try to prepare on your own. In today's highly competitive environment, it is essential to have the services of an expert tutor. It's not unusual for our students to increase their scores 200-300 points, and several have achieved a perfect score on either the critical reading or math sections of the SAT.






The PSAT 10 is meant to be taken by 10th graders to both familiarize them with the test format and to identify areas that they need to work on to get ready for the 11th grade PSAT and for the SAT.  Both tests are 2 3/4 hours long and test the same material. Since the primary purpose of these tests, when taken by 10th graders or the PSAT 8/9 by 8th or 9th graders, is diagnostic, we do not recommend an extensive prep course. However, since the tests are very different from the tests that students are familiar with in school,we do offer short programs which are designed to show students the correct way to take the test so that this difference does not distort the score that a student is really capable of achieving.

Eleventh graders who are taking the PSAT for the National Merit Scholarship should enroll in one of the course listed under SAT above. For eight or ninth graders who have already taken the PSAT 8/9 and who are serious about trying for a National Merit Scholarship we offer programs that will prepare them before they take an intensive SAT prep course.






The high school placement test, or HSPT, is taken by students seeking admission into a catholic high school. Students take a practice exam as 7th graders, and we use the results of that test to custom design the content of their prep course.