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At the Educational Excellence Center, academic tutoring is about far more than just helping a student to "make the grade". Our
 goal is to help a student to gain confidence in his or her ability and to grow comfortable with challenging material. Our tutors help
 students take ownership for their learning, with the goal of making your child an independent and successful student. Our
 program is:


 Highly Personalized


 Our sole focus is on one-on-one instruction. We believe that every student can benefit from individualized attention, and for all of
 their hard work, this is the one thing classroom teachers cannot provide. Each tutoring program is customized to meet the
 student's specific needs:


     —Same tutor for all sessions to ensure familiarity with the student's needs

     —Meticulous records are kept on what a student has worked on & how he or she has performed. This allows the tutor to know
         what still needs more attention

     —Tutor shows the student the correct way to study

     —Update parents on a students progress


 Curriculum Based


 We work with a student's current lessons and the material being covered by your child's classroom teacher. This approach
 removes a student's stress by helping with his or her most pressing challenges: this week's concepts, assignments and tests.      
 Students master the current material immediately and their grades go up. We have seen our students turn test grades from an
 "F" into an "A" after the first tutoring session.


 True Flexibility


 We offer flexible scheduling and no-commitment programs. You can arrange daytime, evening or weekend appointments, and you
 can start and stop working with us whenever you like—you're not locked into anything.


 Added Benefit


 If one of our student's suddenly finds that they need "emergency" help there is no need to panic. We are only a Skype video call
 away. We will be happy to provide a brief "face-to-face" session to answer the question and then we will more fully address the
 topic during the next scheduled appointment.


 Help for Everyone


 We work with students of all ages and levels: